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"Spanish Blackbelt is awesome! I am going on a trip to Guatemala, and my tutor Mariella was fantastic; she quickly got me into speaking Spanish and having fun with it! It is so great to have a Spanish class that is tailored to my own speed of learning, and my particular interests. Plus it is a blast! Our one-on-one lessons over the phone with webcam were the most convenient and practical way of learning. I would recommend it to anybody!" Nick Newlin



Our format of Spanish classes over Skype and the Internet allows us to make our unique language training and teaching methodology available to those students who, for a variety of reasons, cannot physically attend classes. Our students are now able to learn Spanish wherever they are, and whenever the classes fit their busy schedules.

In addition, we use Skype and the Internet to provide Spanish instruction as a complement to face-to-face training for Spanish students who are currently taking - or who want to take - traditional training. Many of our students need to communicate with Spanish-speaking counterparts abroad using the phone and instant messaging systems. In addition to face-to-face instruction we combine Skype and the Internet to provide that kind of training.


What are the benefits of learning Spanish over Skype and the Internet?

  • Our Spanish classes over Skype and the Internet provide students with access to high quality Spanish courses anytime and anywhere with the format that best adapts to your needs. Being able to learn at your convenience without attending class in a physical setting is an added value. This format does, however, require your active participation in live sessions (either by Skype or the Internet, or a combination of both) with your instructor.
  • Spanish students become used to hearing, rather than finding aid in non-verbal gestures. In this sense, Skype and Internet instruction provides the ideal training to students who face difficulties communicating in Spanish over the phone and on the Internet with Spanish-speaking colleagues and counterparts both abroad and in the United States.


How are Spanish classes taught?

  • Spanish classes are taught by Skype and the Internet. We call you at a designated time that has been pre-arranged between you and your Spanish instructor, and then you start your live session.
  • For our classes, we use: personalized courses which adapt to your professional needs, structured guided conversations, interactive dialogues, common expressions and greetings, and much more.
  • In addition, we have 24/7 Web support tools through our intranet, a system that was developed by professionals in the field of education and is organized around logic and structures in the Spanish language. Unlike workbooks and grammar books, these resources make your learning really easy, focused, and enjoyable.


How are Skype and the Internet used to teach the Spanish classes?

  • The Internet and Skype help provide a very entertaining, interactive, and yet challenging class experience. The class is like a collaborative private conference between you and your Spanish instructor.
  • The principal resource we use is Skype - we use instant messaging systems in real-time to clarify concepts while you hold a conversation with your instructor over Skype.


Do I have to pay the long-distance charges, or do I get a toll free number?

  • There won't be any charges within the United States. You provide us your Skype ID or your most convenient phone number and we call you at the agreed-upon time.
  • However you should be aware that, if you'd like us to call your cell phone, certain plans charge minutes for incoming calls. If, on the contrary, you useyou'd like us to call you at a land line, you don't have to worry about the charges of the call.


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