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Spanish Courses for Adults, Organizations, and Teens

We can tailor your Spanish classes to your particular needs:

Private Classes
(One-on-One and Small Groups self-assembled by you)
Semi-Private Classes
(Small Group classes assembled by Spanish Black Belt)

Spanish for Everyday Conversation

Ideal for those interested mostly in improving their oral communicational skills and cultural understanding for use in traveling and/or socializing. All other skills are worked on as well.

Spanish for Professional Purposes

Ideal for those interested in doing business with Hispanics or servicing the Hispanic community

Spanish for Exam Preparation

Ideal for those in need to pass a standarized Spanish test for academia or employment needs

Spanish for Teens

Ideal for those interested in having their sons/daughters benefit from our Spanish program

Face-to-face instruction: Boston MA, Washington DC - Maryland - Northern Virginia VA - Baltimore MD
Los Angeles - Chicago - Denver CO - New York NY - New Jersey NJ
Internet and phone instruction:
all across the United States

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