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One-on-One Spanish Classes and Private Self-Assembled Groups over FaceTime

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Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt Adapts to your unique needs

Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt Ideal to make rapid improvements

Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt Fair price


Adapts to your unique interests and needs

  • Meeting and communicating privately with your native Spanish tutor over FaceTime means that every Spanish session is completely focused on your interests and objectives.
  • Private Spanish classes furthermore allow you to either learn Spanish for everyday conversation or to either focus on learning the aspects of the language that are most relevant for a particular area, field or industry.
  • To access full list of courses available over FaceTime, please click here.
  • Although most of our students prefer us to focus on developing their verbal and listening skills, the private nature of our class allows you to have total control on deciding what areas/skills of the language we focus the most whether they relate to grammar, reading, writing, vocabulary acquisition, speaking or listening.

Ideal for students that need to make rapid improvements

  • Choose the most convenient times and days to meet (subject to availability)
  • Meet with your instructor anywhere between 2 to 16 hours per week making it ideal for students that need to make rapid improvements – to travel, relocate or prepare for a proficiency exam, for example.
  • Private Spanish Classes guarantee you the chance to practice communicating in every situation you anticipate faster than anywhere else.
  • Reschedule sessions if missed (provided that you notify us of the need for a change with at least 24 hours in advance)



Fair price

  • Our prices for Private Spanish Classes over FaceTime may vary depending on:

    • the size of the class (most expensive if it is just you...less expensive the more students with whom you share your instruction)

    • the day and time of the day (may be more expensive on weeknights and weekends)

    • the number of levels that you pre-pay (the more levels you pre-pay, the cheaper per hour it becomes)
  • Upon registration, you will be provided with access to a course syllabus and most of the learning material to be used in class through our online student center at no extra cost. On this online center you will be able to generate printouts and access extra material to complement your classes. You will not be required to buy any other learning materials, unless desired.
  • There are no hidden registration or application fees. You will only pay the price for your classes as listed below when you are ready to secure a schedule.
  • Enroll risk free! You will get a full refund if not fully satisfied with your first session.

We offer two formats of private Spanish classes over FaceTime:

ONE-ON-ONE Spanish Classes

Ideal for students that
have unique learning needs
Weekdays $57
Weeknights and Weekends $60

  • You could share this cost with up to one other person that you know such as a friend or relative converting it into a Two-to-One class, provided that both are on the same level.
  • Requires upfront purchase of 1 full level (a total of 16 hours).

  • Cheaper if registering for more than one level upfront.

Self-Assembled SMALL Group

Ideal for friends and/or
family members
  • You assemble a private group of 2 to 3 students of the same level

  • Tuition per student per hour is:
# of Students in Group $ per student per hour
3 $20 to $25
2 $28 to $35

  • Requires upfront purchase of 1 full level (a total of 16 hours).

  • Cheaper if registering for more than one level upfront.

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* Despite tuition displayed on this website may vary daily, tuition to be quoted on our response to your request for an instructor will be honored if enrolling within the next 5 business days.




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