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All Small Group Spanish Classes in New York City and Brooklyn Currently Available (of Up to 4 Students per Class)

Our conversational Spanish small groups in New York City and Brooklyn:

  1. only accept up to 4 students, an amazingly small size that will make it possible for you to put the language into practice sufficiently enough and to benefit from your tutor's devoted attention.

  2. start as schedule even if as few as 2 students sign up for your group

  3. meet once a week for 8 consecutive weeks; each class is 2-hours long (you will complete 16 hours of Spanish instruction within this time frame)

  4. do not meet during major Holiday weeks unless all participants and tutor agree otherwise (classes resume the following week).


Currently, we have the following conversational Spanish small groups available for all levels:

Belt Level
& (term length)
Starting time
& (sessions length)
Meeting location
Start date

Cost x hour


  • Price requires enrollment in one term of 16 hours to be paid upfront. These 16 hours will allow you to complete one level. One level will be composed of 8 sessions of 2 hours each, meeting once a week.
  • If the price for a group is listed, click on link "Cheaper" to see how much you would save if pre-purchasing for more than one level up front. Otherwise, just apply to get a quote.
  • To keep list small, group classes that have already reached maximum number of 4 participants are not being listed on this page.
  • Please observe that prices for our groups differ from one another based on a proprietary pricing algorithm. All classes are equally good. There is no relation between the quality of a class and its pricing.



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