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Frequently Asked Questions

About our Standardized Spanish Test Preparation Emphasis in New York City and Brooklyn

  1. Can You Guarantee Me that I Will Pass the Test?

  2. What Would a Typical Session Be Like?

  3. How Many Hours Do I Need to Purchase?

  4. What Kind of Learning Materials Will I Be Using?

  5. Can I Prepare for a Test over Skype/FaceTime?

1. Can You Guarantee Me that I Will Pass the Test?

Although most of our students have been very successful with the help of our Spanish classes, we cannot guarantee that ALL students will achieve the results that they are aiming at.

Our track record of success though is impressively high. If you do not believe us, please take some time to read the testimonials that current and former students have posted over time on independent reviews sites such as Google Reviews or Yelp.

Students increase their chances of achieving the results that they are aiming at by:

  • Attending all of their classes on time
  • Coming to their classes well rested
  • Self-studying at least the same number of hours per week than the weekly hours that they meet with their Spanish tutor


2. What Would a Typical Session Be Like?

You will be meeting with one of our Native Spanish speaking tutors on private sessions to last anywhere between 2 to 4 hours. During this time you will go through as many real exercises as possible, stopping every so often to discuss which exercises are being responded correctly and which not.

When an exercise is not responded correctly, your tutor will assist you:

  • Identifying the exact place where you made a mistake and giving you an opportunity to correct yourself first.
  • Giving you hints of what you need to consider to get the right response
  • Providing you with the correct answer if the hint is not enough
  • Explaining you why that is the correct answer and why the others are not quite right
  • Practicing with you with similar exercises created on the spot
  • Referring you to sections on our online student center where you can review related theory that could help you review concepts where weaknesses are identified


3. How Many Hours Do I Need to Purchase?

  • It all depends on what your starting level is and what the score that you would like to achieve on your test is.
  • Normally students will note significant improvement after completion of each 16-hour package that they end up purchasing.
  • If you are a student new to the language, you may be required to complete at least three packages of 16 hours to obtain a passing score.


4. What Kind of Learning Materials Will I Be Using?

  • You will be using real practice exercises that have been compiled by our school over the course of the years.
  • You will invest most of your time practicing with the type of exercises typical to the type of test that you will be preparing for. If the test were not to include, for example, a verbal component, we will not waste valuable time improving your verbal skills.
  • You will have access to this material through our online student center that will be accessible by you at no extra cost 24x7.


5. Can I Prepare for the Test over Skype/FaceTime?

  • Yes, but only if you are planning on taking classes privately with the help of one of our native Spanish speaking tutors.
  • Classes over Skype and FaceTime are currently not available for semi-private small group instruction (groups that our language school assembles). You can still form your own private small group and have classes over Skype or FaceTime.
  • You can learn more about our Spanish classes over Skype/FaceTime here.





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