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Spanish Classes in San Diego

We offer two formats of Spanish classes in San Diego, conducted either online or in person, as follows...

Private Spanish classes

Ideal for students with unique learning needs
  • Age: Adults and Teens 13 and Up; younger students accepted if accompanied by a parent
  • Size: You meet one-on-one with your Spanish tutor or you form your own private group
  • Focus: Your Spanish classes are tailored to your specific interests and needs; can even focus on your specific functional area
  • When: Spanish classes in San Diego can be conducted when is most convenient for you allowing you to schedule make up sessions when requested with at least a 24-hour notice prior to a session to be missed.
  • Frequency: Meet 2 to 16 hours per week
  • Pace: Cover content of each level at the pace you feel most comfortable with

Semi-private Spanish classes

Ideal for students that want to meet others and/or share costs
  • Age: Adults and Teens 16 and Up

  • Size: We match you with 1 to 3 other students that share your level and schedule preferences
  • Focus: You focus on studying Conversational Spanish at one of nine different levels of Spanish proficiency

  • When: Our small group Spanish classes in San Diego are scheduled all year long

    • most of those meeting in person meet at nights after 5pm, or on weekends at mornings or early afternoons

    • there may be some offered at different times when held over Skype Video
  • Frequency: Meet 2 hours per week once a week
  • Pace: Cover content of each level in 8 consecutive weeks (skipping Holidays)

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