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Spanish Classes over Skype

We offer two formats of Spanish classes over Skype as follows...

Private Spanish classes

Ideal for students with unique learning needs
  • Age: Adults and Teens 13 and Up; younger students accepted if accompanied by a parent
  • Size: You meet one-on-one with your Spanish tutor or you form your own private group
  • Focus: Your Spanish classes are tailored to your specific interests and needs; can even focus on your specific functional area
  • When: Spanish classes over Skype can be conducted when is most convenient for you allowing you to schedule make up sessions when requested with at least a 24-hour notice prior to a session to be missed.
  • Frequency: Meet 2 to 16 hours per week
  • Pace: Cover content of each level at the pace you feel most comfortable with

Semi-private Spanish classes

Ideal for students that want to meet others and/or share costs
  • Age: Adults and Teens 16 and Up

  • Size: We match you with 1 to 2 other students that share your level and schedule preferences
  • Focus: You focus on studying Conversational Spanish at one of nine different levels of Spanish proficiency

  • When: Our small group Spanish classes in Skype are scheduled all year long

    • most meet at nights after 5pm, or on weekends at mornings or early afternoons

  • Frequency: Meet 2 hours per week once a week
  • Pace: Cover content of each level in 8 consecutive weeks (skipping Holidays)


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